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Preventative Dental Care & Dental Prosthetics in Lancaster, NY

Show off a natural looking smile with confidence with affordable preventative dental care and dental prosthetics from Stony Dental Care located in Lancaster, New York and the Buffalo area. From at-home instruction to dentures, find the right treatment for your oral health needs.

Home hygiene

Your oral health starts with preventative maintenance at home, with regular visits to the office. With our instruction, you are sure to achieve the best personal home care and oral hygiene.

Preventing Problems

Inadequate brushing and flossing leads to the inflammation of your gums. Over time this causes gingivitis, and, in severe cases periodontitis. Routine maintenance helps prevent these problems, but more extensive gum treatment is available when necessary. The soft tissue laser is perfect for painless gum procedures, as well as treatments for cold sores.

Better than Traditional

Digital bitewings and panoramic radiography reduce your exposure than traditional x-rays. These safer procedures immediately show your dentist what needs done for the proper preventative dental care. The Cone beam CT is a 3D image using digital radiography, which helps dentist's diagnosis and start treatment planning for implants.

Giving You a Natural Looking Smile

Replace your missing tooth or teeth with dental prosthetics to restore your smile to its original appearance and beauty. Crowns, one of the prosthetics available, aid in repairing a single tooth to its original strength and appearance. Bridges are used to fill in the space of a missing tooth.

Your Solution for a Beautiful Smile

Implants are another dental prosthetic option to help you get the beautiful smile you want. Simply put, a small titanium screw is placed into your bone to replace a missing tooth without the damage to adjacent teeth. When the fit of your dentures is a problem, mini-implants might be the solution. Visit our dental office to find out.

A Natural Smile

Dentures are a dental prosthetic that helps you get a beautiful, natural looking smile. Our dentist and staff offer the best quality removable partials and complete dentures to replace multiple missing teeth and give you the confident smile you want.